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Thursday, May 15, 2008

yarn, cops and berries...aka a competely random post

Holy life suckage, batman.

I don't mean that my life sucks, I mean it has completely sucked me in, covered me in yarn and has finally spit me out again. I feel a little fuzzy in the brain and noodley in the appendages.

(forgive me, i was feeling prolific when I started this post, then I went to lunch and my motivation decided to stay downtown and window shop)

The first shipment of the Punk Rock Sock Club is out! I hope you guys like it! I'm dyeing a couple of wholesale orders while waiting for the rest of my sock club yarn to be delivered and then I'll be working on some new colorways for the etsy store. This weekend I'll mark down everything in the etsy store by 20%. The yarn is terribly bored just sitting in a box in my dining room and is begging to be knit into something gorgeous.


The cops are heavily patrolling my neighborhood for the next week or so. Nate's coworker who lives 5 doors down from us got BOTH their cars broken into on Monday night. Our dog woke us up at 3 a.m. that morning barking so loud and fierce I was sure he was going to jump through the window. I never did see whatever he saw, but I have a good idea that it might have been some hoodlums. Can I tell you how weird it is to have a cop car shining bright lights into my house at 1 a.m.? Yeah, I was still awake, but that doesn't make it less strange.


Last weekend a few friends and I went to Washington Farms and picked strawberries. I managed to get quite a haul.

And then I made a cobbler, which tastes oddly like a sweetened strawberry jam sandwich.

But we ate it anyway. We also had strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream and fresh smoothies. I'll definitely be going back to the farm for more berries. In June and July they'll have blueberries and blackberries. Nom nom nom.