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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

still alive

This damn song has been stuck in my head since Saturday. It's a newish song in Rock Band and we played the hell out of it while on vacation and ever since it is stuck. in. my. head. Not that I don't love it, but omg get out already. There's only so much room in my brain for these kinds of things.

I hope you all had a nice long weekend! I hate that vacations are never really long enough and the drive home always sucks, but otherwise it was a pleasant weekend for us and I'm only slightly sunburned (dear god I'm so white that I burn in one hour even with a shit ton of sunscreen on. bah.). I only did minimal knitting, but I finished the Lelah Top and worked hard on a pair of toe up socks. I was too busy enjoying the nothingness to actually take pictures, but I'll have some soon!

So while I wasn't knitting, I was reading. And I've come across a new obsession. Y'all already know that I'm a big old nerd. It should never be a surprise when I reveal the further depths of my nerdiness. And yet.

The first time I talked to someone reading a Harry Potter novel (the 3rd one, POA), I scoffed. In their face. About reading a children's book. Surely my literary tastes were greater and omg how old are you that you're reading a book for 12 year olds?!?! Ahem. She laughed at me and said "just wait." The next day she brought me her copy of Sorcerer's Stone and it was off to the races for me. Of course I had to apologize as I took it back to her the next week and went out and got books 2 and 3 for myself. Open mouth, insert foot, chew vigorously. Never again, I swore, would I take "young adult" literature for granted. Not that the first book was stellarly written, but I was certainly interested enough in the world to continue.

This weekend Carrie introduced me to Twilight. Again, my first thought was "but it's in the YA section...bleh." Wrong again. I ripped through that sucker on Saturday, then bought the second and third books the very next day. I'm started the third one last night and I'm halfway through today. You might say I'm a sucker for decent vampire fiction. Not shitty romance type fiction even though it IS a love story, but it has just enough of the gothic novel elements to keep me hooked. Damn it. I had sort of enjoyed having a life.

I could totally gush about the empathy I have for the main characters, but it's not pretty. I'll simply say that when I was 14 I totally would have been open to a sexy vampire stealing me away from my life and pledging his undying devotion FOREVER. I might have been a dark and melodramatic teenager. Shut up. (p.s. to the possible sexy vamps out there - i'm much older, less cute, and taken. forget about it.) Ahem.

OH! Back to my real life - the yarn from Louet for the second sock club shipment is shipping to me TOMORROW! Woo! I'm finishing up my wholesale orders this week and shipping those out this weekend so I can completely devote myself to the club without any procrastination guilt.

Also, thanks for all the podcast suggestions! I can't listen to "food" podcasts while I'm exercising because I'm weak and I'll just stop and go find something to eat, but I will listen while dyeing yarn (though the effect may be much the same).

Have a great week, y'all!