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Monday, December 19, 2005

A Real Entry...

This workout brought to you by my beloved White Stripes. And the number 3 and the letters O and W.

My plan is to compete in the spring of 2006, so in an effort to get started in my comp prep, I hit the gym this evening.

I've been extremely lazy lately (meaning two months or so) and so now I'm very squishy and just generally gross. Hanging onto about 20% bf, which I know is not horrible, but on my 5'2 frame, it aint great either.

So, tonight I started back so that next week I won't be dead from 10 lb dumbells.

But oooowwwww!!! My muscles are screaming! I fatigued after about 35 minutes of my chest/back workout.

It went something like this...

5 sets of 15 with moderate weight, back to back with no rest, resting after each group of two exercises:
Seated Row and Machine Chest Press
Lat Pulls and Military Press (the cause of my fatigue, hit my shoulders too hard)
Bent Over Barbell Rows and Incline Bench Press

There was another set but I couldn't get any further. Glad I decided to er...break myself in. Yeah. I'm sure I'll be thinking that tomorrow too.

This part of my fat loss training plan, and would normally include cardio. Either I didn't have enough to eat, or I just worked my shoulders so much that my chest couldn't do anything because I was wiped after just that much of a workout.

But I do have a kick ass cardio plan, thanks to Karen reminding me that running is my friend and helping me tailor the plan I made for her long ago into a plan for me.

Running and I will have to warm up to each other though. Right now, we mutually scowl and call each other names.

Thank god for mp3 players and Jack White!

OOH! And pics of Backyard Leaves tomorrow!!