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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Family leaves

To answer the challenge posted by Grumperina, I've done a bit of thinking on who knows of this blog and why I've filled them in, if I have at all.

I created this little space not only for knitting fun but for many areas of my life, because as much as I try to categorize, it all flows together anyway and I can't just NOT talk about something that's on my mind. Unless it's wholly inappropriate and no one would care anyway. But I feel sure that will all come the surface in its due time!!

Does my family know about my blog? Nope. They're entirely too judgmental and think everything I do is silly anyway. I think I might have accidentally-on-purpose favorited the site on my sister-in-law's computer last week. But she knits and games too, so I'm sure she'll understand!

My grandmother can't navigate the internet, my mom would be appalled by my holiday post, and my step-father would try to analyze me. No thanks. My dad wouldn't care at all, my brothers would make fun of me, and I don't even really know my step sisters, so I wouldn't tell them squat.

I'm the family nut job who likes to be creative and try to accomplish a few things in life, much to the chagrin and misunderstanding of those who think I've lost it. Usually I have a hard time sticking with creative things, which is probably why I get little support, but I'm going on 2 years of knitting addiction, and just try and pry me from my needles!

I have a few friends who know about it, but they rarely bother, which is fine with me. This is for ME and my sanity!! If you happen to read, awesome. If not, that's cool too.

Just don't tell my mom. Mkay?

And now, a little Backyard Leaves mojo. Which is soon to be ripped out for the eleventy thousanth time b/c I just noticed that I screwed up...again...all the way through the pattern.

Damn I'm brilliant.

First, this is what I had to do to the chart after about 5 false starts. I've enlarged the chart and highlighted all the right side rows and marked arrows showing which direction to knit each row.

Then I get about this far, and realize it's time to rip again because I still can't read. But you can sort of see a leaf forming on the right! Sort of!

Today at lunch I got through an entire repeat section only to realize there is ONE stich that I have not been knitting correctly. ONE people! The Bree Van de Camp that lives in my head, says "Well, we'll just have to start over!".

Sometimes I could smack her.

As retail therapy, I got this today. Call it my Christmas gift from the Knitting Elves (not Elvis, ELVES).

Denise, I know it has your name on it, but they're still not yours...