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Monday, December 01, 2008

Knitta, can you spare some yarn? (charity knitting and contest in one!)

Thanks for all the commiserating and well wishes, y'all! I'm doing good and my knitting carries on. Nate FINALLY asked for something too! An Obama hat for inauguration (hello, deadline), so I'll be casting on that project pretty soon.

But first, a good blogger friend needs some help. Anna is starting a wonderful charity knitting initiative and in knitting terms, participating will only take a minute and some scrap yarn. I know y'all have some of both. If I can do it, you can TOTALLY do it too!

The project aims to help out a local (to Anna) nursing home in need of some love and holiday cheer. Maybe next year we can all do the same for our own local nursing homes, but this year Anna and her granddad need our help.

Will you please donate a few hours, yards of yarn and stuffing to make a few ornaments? Need some motivation? How about a FREE skein of Lotus Yarns in your choice of colorway? Yup. The knitter who sends Anna the most ornaments by her birthday (Dec. 12) wins a free skein of yarn.

Ready? Set? KNIT!