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Thursday, November 06, 2008

We're Going to DC!!!!!

I can hardly wait for Jan. 20th!

It's seriously taken a few days for this to sink in for me, but I'm SOOOO freaking happy about Obama's win on Tuesday!!! I think I might have political PTSD or something because at first I was just numb. I really couldn't believe it. Now I'm alternating between elation and tears. Sometimes both at the same time.

I know there's a lot of work ahead of us, but I'm ready and I'm working on a few ideas about how I want to contribute. I'm so full of hope right now, I can hardly stand myself. I feel like I can do anything! So I'm harnessing that energy for myself and I'm working on my own 75 day plan. Like I need more things to focus on, I know!

Some pics from the last few days:

Carrie and I canvassing on Sunday. We were so nervous, but people were GREAT and so happy to see us. Carrie's sporting her Sarah Palin glasses and I'm channeling Paris Hilton.

This sticker is seen on many a car in the Athens area. The man who owns Weaver D's (the restaurant that REM's Automatic for the People album is named for) had these printed up. Nate got one for his car and one extra.

The only newspapers I could find on Tuesday. Athens local paper, UGA campus paper and a USA today. Plus my stickers from volunteering and a left over door hanger from canvassing.

Tuesday I helped out at the Democratic HQ in town. I'm so proud to have worked with this campaign and the other folks involved. They were so full of love and hope. 10 or so local restaurants donated TONS of food for our canvassers, voter drivers and poll folks - I was blown away by the generosity!! This group of high school kids were especially enthusiastic and helpful. They can't even vote yet.

One guy had a great set of pictures playing over and over on his laptop. I Kinnear'd it.

I ordered some posters, buttons and shirts from the Obama store today and I'm thinking about putting together a collage or shadow box or something to preserve my cool stuff.

I can't even express what I'm feeling right now. So much love for everyone.