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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oh y'all, i ramble a lot...

I am just teetering on the edge of insanity. It's a bit thrilling and also a little scary.

Because of all the things I'm trying to do at once (work, grad work, dyeing yarn like mad, volunteering for Obama, and sort of having a life sometimes), I'm being firmly reminded that my time management suck. I'd much rather read Ravelry or watch tv or knit than do actual work. So I've found a new best friend...

and here is a taste of my week...(it could be worse, but it's rough for someone who is used to 3 hour naps after work)

I did today's work so I'm chilling with the hubby, knitting, and watching a Kevin Smith DVD. A girl needs some dirty comedy now and again.

And next week, there's this...

Oh yay, I get to pay taxes again. I also need a haircut and we need to have some dude come out and tackle our treacherous lawn. He drove by the other day and stopped to give us a card. Nate went out and talked to him and when he came back in he said "what do you think was the give away that our lawn needs help? the 12 foot weeds coming up the hill?" Um. Yeah. If it were a flat yard, this would not be a problem. But it's a fairly serious hill and we....are lazy. I guess everyone has their 'thing' they don't like doing. Ours is yard work. And housework. And anything else that ends in work.

p.s. I have NO birthday plans. I'm so boring. Suggestions welcome. We tried to get tickets to see the Raconteurs in Atlanta but it's sold the fuck out. Grr.

We *have* worked up the guts to ride our bikes to work a few days a week though. The first time was last Friday and it was an experience. We bought some panniers for my bike and loaded up our work clothes, shoes, and random work stuff and took off. We were prepared for the hills. We were prepared for the scary bridge with no bike path and rude drivers. We were not prepared for the extra weight of the panniers and my lack of a decent breakfast. Big mistake. I barely made it up the last hill and when I got off the bike I was laughing, but not in a haha funny way, in a maniacal 'i think i might die now and i'm prolly gonna take you with me' way. Good times.

Today was much better. Less weight and better food in my belly for the work. The trip back is almost all uphill, but making it home feels so good. Then I stretch and shower and thank the heavens that I lived.

So, being busy kinda blows, but it beats being bored and I'm learning to multitask better than ever while working on cleansing my procrastination gene. I've had to give some things up too, including voice lessons and the 365 project, but it's for the best right now. Streamlining is good, as is being forced to do things when they need to get done. Amazing concept.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog more now that I'm so super organized. I'll definitely have a sneak peak of the Big Ass Yarn Club shipments at the very least. Those of you who are in the club - it looks awesome and I'm more than halfway done with the first shipment. I'm dyeing extra skeins for me cause I must have a scarf out of this stuff.